Mahdas Iranian is a great place to work because our people make it so.

As we see it, our people are what make us shine. We directly attribute our global success to the quality of people who have earned us the reputation for excellence in project execution, development of new technology and process, and on time delivery of the same. From all cultures and backgrounds, our people strive to achieve excellence every day and are relentless in their quest to find the right solution, internally and externally.

We cultivate a unique environment where the company’s interest is aligned with our people’s interest. This means that the work environment here is challenging, but if you rise to the challenge and deliver on your commitments, you are rewarded for it.

HR policies at Mahdas Iranian, aim at creating a sense of ownership among its employees, cultivating each employee’s potential and thereby creating a sense of belongingness. The company has a work culture that is focused on high performance, innovation, entrepreneurship and empowerment.

We help and continue to motivate employees in their growth. We attach value to providing a work culture that allows our employees the space to learn, develop, innovate, experiment and grow. We encourage and support individuals to take greater responsibility and hence contribute to the growth of the company.

In order to join us and job opportunities that are available within Mahdas Iranian, please submit your CV/Resume to Mahdas Iranian’s human resources department via